My lifelong battle with the bottle

Alcohol does not cause alcoholism. To date, doctors, scientists and even psychologists are unsure of the precise cause of the scourge. What they do know is that it is to a large extent due to a genetic predisposition and it is for this they have coined the term the ‘X-factor’

As a bright yooung kid from one of Kenya’s most prominent families, and three novels to my name by the time I was barely out of high school, the sky was the limit – until I discovered too late that I was a child of the X-Factor.

I am an alcoholic. This is the story of my rapid, bewildering descent, my crushed dreams and my fight to climb out of the deep and dark recesses of the almost bottomless bottle.

How do you find out that you have the X-factor? Well, the only way you can find out is by starting to take alcohol. By the time you do realize that you do have a problem it is often too late.